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Not all heroes wear capes.
Sometimes, they wear maternity pants!

Our mission is to make dreams come true. But the true dream-makers are our surrogates and we never forget that. At VIVO Surrogacy, we consider it a privilege to work with our surrogates and we are dedicated to giving them the quality medical care, attention, and support that they deserve.

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Why Become A Surrogate?

It’s a Calling

Many of our surrogates describe surrogacy as a calling. Surrogates often tell us that they find a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment from being able to help make parents’ dreams come true.

You Love Being Pregnant!

For some women, pregnancy is a wonderful, magical time. Surrogacy is a way for women to have the pregnancy experience again, while simultaneously improving their own family’s finances and changing people’s lives.

You’ve Seen the Difference a Surrogate Can Make!

Many of our surrogates have personally seen friends or family members go through the surrogacy journey. After seeing the joy that surrogates bring, many women are inspired to become a part of the journey themselves.

Financial Compensation

Becoming a surrogate is an excellent way to bring in extra income. Some surrogates have specific financial goals that they are working towards, while others are looking for the general security of an additional income. Many of our surrogates are stay-at-home moms who aren’t seeking traditional employment but still wish to financially contribute to their families.

An Incredible Sisterhood

At VIVO Surrogacy, our surrogates have the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other generous women who have also chosen to be a surrogate. Our surrogate support groups provide a non-judgemental and encouraging environment for surrogates to share their experiences and connect with others who are at various points along the same incredible journey. Many of our surrogates maintain lasting friendships with the women they meet as they share a bond that is both unique and powerful.

Surrogate Qualifications

If you are interested in becoming a surrogate, please review our list of qualifications.

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How do I Become a Surrogate?

Learn what it takes to be a surrogate with VIVO Surrogacy. We can take you through every step.

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Surrogate Compensation

Even though total surrogate compensation varies, VIVO Surrogacy is proud to offer some of the most generous compensation packages available.

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growing life. building families.

Why Surrogates Choose Us

Surrogacy is an extraordinary, fulfilling journey. But, it is not a simple one. There are screenings, legal agreements, medical appointments, and logistical considerations. All of the requirements and details can feel overwhelming. And when you are doing something as intimate as surrogacy, you must feel comfortable with the family you are helping and have faith that your own interests are being safe-gaurded. This is why surrogates choose VIVO Surrogacy. We are experts at navigating the medical, legal, and emotional terrain that comes with surrogacy. Our team provides the guidance, expertise, and compassionate support that you need to make the experience successful and rewarding.

Competitive Compensation
Our Amazing Team
Our Personalized Matching

Competitive Compensation

VIVO Surrogacy offers one of the most competitive surrogate compensation packages available; and we make sure that surrogates never have to worry about any pregnancy-related expenses.

Our Amazing Team

With VIVO Surrogacy, you will never feel alone. Our experienced team is personally involved with every case from beginning to end. As a surrogate, you would work closely with a Case Manager who is dedicated to your well-being. From appointment reminders to prenatal yoga schedules, we are here for you. Need a nutritionist? We will arrange that. Need help making travel plans? Leave that to us. You can rest assured knowing that, at every turn, we have your back.

Our Personalized Matching

VIVO Surrogacy knows that the Surrogate-Intended Parent relationship is key to reducing stress and making the process run smoothly. Our team takes the time to learn all about you so that we can ensure a match with like-minded parents. We look at the type of relationship you wish to have with potential parents, your outlook on pregnancy, and your personality to find the ideal surrogacy match for you!

growing life. building families.

Surrogate Frequently Asked Questions


Most of our surrogates describe it as a calling. Because surrogates must have given birth to and parented their own child, these women are mothers who know how life-changing and rewarding a baby is for families. Our surrogates feel deep satisfaction from helping loving families grow. And, surrogacy is a great way for mothers to bring in additional income to their household, especially for stay-at-home moms.


The baby belongs to the Intended Parents. Period.


Our extensive screening and interview process allows us to match surrogates with intended parents who desire similar types and frequency of contact following the birth.

VIVO Surrogacy has extensive, open discussions with surrogates and intended parents about what they envision and require and we only make a match if we believe that these expectations are compatible. Once matched, we make sure that everybody’s voice is heard and help both parties reach mutually satisfying terms. The details are worked out in the subsequent legal agreement.

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