At VIVO Surrogacy, our mission is to guide and support you throughout the surrogacy journey. Our tried and true process ensures that you are prepared and comfortable at each and every step along the way.


  • If you are interested in surrogacy, please fill out and submit the brief Parent Application.
  • We will promptly contact you to schedule a free initial consultation with our Agency Director.
  • During your initial consultation, we take the time to get to know you and your needs. We also discuss the entire surrogacy process, including how we match you with our pre-screened surrogates, and we will answer any questions that you may have.


  • Following your consultation, you will complete the Intended Parent Profile. This allows us to get to know you and helps us in our matching process.
  • Once you sign the Intended Parent – Agency Agreement and submit the initial fee, we will perform a background check on you and, if applicable, your spouse or partner.  All of our surrogates have similarly undergone background checks.
  • Lastly, you and your partner/spouse, if applicable, will meet either in-person or via video conference with a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) for a psychological-educational session.


Mutual Agreement:

Once all of the above items are complete, we begin our matching process! We carefully assess the expectations and needs of both parties to ensure match compatibility before any introductions take place. Once we make an initial match, we will assign you a Case Manager as your official point-person going forward.

Match-Phone Call:

VIVO Surrogacy will facilitate a phone call with you, your partner/spouse, and your potential surrogate. This is a great opportunity for everybody to get to know each other on a personal level and see if you feel an initial connection.

In-Person Meeting:

If both parties are willing to proceed following the match-phone call, we will schedule an in-person meeting (or, depending on location, a video conference). Your Case Manager or the Agency Director will be there to facilitate this meeting, as well. Afterwards, each party will have the opportunity to decide if they would like to begin this journey together. We never pressure anybody to accept a match! Fortunately, over 95% of the time, our intended parents and surrogates are happy with the very first match we make. This is because, in addition to practical and logistical considerations, we look at everybody’s personalities, preferences, and expectations. We only make a match if we feel confident that all these aspects are compatible. After all, you are in this together! We want your surrogacy journey to be a successful and joyful one.


It is now time to prepare the legal agreement between you and your surrogate. This agreement fully details the terms that you have mutually agreed upon with your surrogate. There are a number of factors and variables that can complicate surrogacy law, and these vary from state to state, and that is why the contracts can only be drafted by attorneys who are experienced in Reproductive Law and are licensed in the state where the embryo transfer will occur. If you don’t have a Reproductive Law attorney, we can provide referrals or help you find one. Your surrogate will have her own independent legal guidance.


  • Once the legal agreement is finalized, the surrogate will prepare her body for an embryo transfer by starting the appropriate medications prescribed by the chosen IVF clinic.
  • The time frame from the start of medications to embryo transfer typically occurs within four (4) to six (6) weeks, though this varies depending on the protocol. A pregnancy test typically follows 10 to 12 days post embryo transfer.


  • After you get confirmation of a pregnancy, your IVF Physician will continue to monitor your surrogate until she is released to the care of an Obstetrician.
  • VIVO Surrogacy stays in close contact with you and your surrogate throughout the entire process. We keep you updated, informed, and we are always available to discuss your questions and concerns. It is important for all parties to communicate their desired amount of contact and support so that we can tailor our approach to each individual’s needs.
  • Just before the birth, your attorney will guide you through any remaining legal filings or paperwork that is necessary to establish the baby’s parentage.

07. Birth!

Congratulations! The delivery will adhere as much as possible to your preferred birth plan. And your prior agreement with the surrogate will specify who is present for the birth. Often, the surrogate, along with her partner/spouse or family, share this very exciting and rewarding moment with you; but this completely depends on the wishes of the people involved. After your baby is discharged from the hospital, you go home as a complete family.

08. Post-Birth

Once the baby is born, the amount and type of contact your family will have with the surrogate depends on the terms you and your Surrogate agreed to prior to the pregnancy. There can be a strong bond between our families and their surrogates which continues in the following years. However, we also have families and surrogates who feel more comfortable with a simple, warm farewell. This is why the matching process is so important! We want everybody involved to complete their surrogacy journey feeling comfortable and fulfilled.

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