Surrogate Base Compensation - 1st Time Surrogate

Amount varies by location. Base compensation divided into 8 monthly installments.

$44,000 - $55,000 Varies

Surrogate Base Compensation - Experienced Surrogate

Per surrogate pregnancy


Additional monthly allowances and compensations

$6,900+ Contact our Agency for additional details

Surrogate Multiples Fee - Twins




Surrogate Lost Wages

Employed surrogates are compensated for wages in the event of physician ordered bed rest, missed work due to appointments, and postpartum recovery. Employed partners/spouses are eligible for specific appointments and postpartum recovery as well.


Health Insurance Verification

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Surrogate Health Insurance

Type of coverage and plan will determine fees


Health Insurance Bonus

Surrogates with surrogacy insurance coverage are eligible for bonus

Up to $5,000 *Amount varies per contract

Accidental Death - Life Insurance Policy


Short-term Disability Coverage (If applicable)


Criminal Background and DMV Check

Surrogate and partner/spouse

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Criminal Background Check

Anyone 18 years or older residing in the surrogate’s home or property

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Criminal Background Check

Intended Parents

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Surrogate Home Visit

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Psychological Evaluation/Consultation

Surrogate and partner/spouse, Intended Parents

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Surrogate Medical Screen

See additional details under VIVO Surrogacy Agency Fees

Included in Professional Agency Fees!

Surrogate Psychological Support Group Sessions - either in-person or via video conferencing with MFT

*Monthly throughout pregnancy through 1 month postpartum


Monthly Support Group Session attendance - surrogate compensation

$0 - $1,200

Legal Fees - Intended Parents

$8,500 - $11,500

Legal Fees - Surrogate

$1,000 - $1,500

Escrow Account Management - Third Party


Embryo Transfer Cycle Fees & Medication

Varies per IVF Clinic

Parent Costs

The big question is: How much will this all cost? The simple answer is: It depends. Costs vary according to the situation, but the range is anywhere from $110,000-$190,000. We understand that this is a substantial cost, so we are upfront about all expenses and we ensure that you fully understand where your money is going. We can also offer financing options.

But what does all this money pay for? A large amount of this cost is due to medical expenses, stipends, and surrogate reimbursements and compensation. As far as our agency fee, we are completely transparent about what this covers.

Surrogate Medical Screenings

All surrogates go through a portion of their medical screening prior to their match. Pre-match medical screening includes:

  • FDA-mandated infectious disease screenings for both the surrogate and her partner/spouse
  • Urine drug screen for surrogate and her partner/spouse
  • Urine nicotine screen for surrogate
  • Surrogate prenatal blood work panel
  • Cycle Day-3 pelvic ultrasound

*Additional fees may apply if surrogate needs screening tests/procedures beyond what is listed above *All screening tests/procedures will remain current for 1 year only

Our Matching Services

Our specialty is finding you a surrogate who is a perfect match. We do a great deal of research and ask a lot of questions before we analyze compatibility. After we make a match, we make sure that everybody is happy before we proceed any further.

Support with Legal Representation

We provide our intended parents and surrogates with custom referrals to carefully vetted lawyers who are experts in the field of surrogacy laws. We only provide referrals to lawyers who meet our stringent standards and have a proven track-record. Lawyers must be experts in Reproductive Law and be licensed in the state where the embryo transfer will occur.

Third Party Management

VIVO Surrogacy works with all third-party professionals involved in your journey. We communicate closely with the IVF clinics regarding medical procedures and results. We communicate with the attorneys to ensure legal agreements are properly executed. And we coordinate care with other services that may include nutritionists, support groups, and much more.

Surrogate Travel Coordination

Our team organizes and arranges for all travel associated with the surrogacy. Leave all of those details for us!

Surrogate Monitoring Throughout IVF and Pregnancy

Because surrogates require regular blood tests and ultrasounds, VIVO Surrogacy locates medical facilities that are near the surrogate’s home. We then coordinate with the IVF clinic so that all results are promptly shared and tracked.

Life Insurance Coordination

VIVO Surrogacy coordinates with third-party insurance professionals to arrange a life insurance policy that is best suited for you and your surrogate.

Hospital Paperwork Coordination

VIVO Surrogacy works with your chosen delivery hospital to make sure that all paperwork is properly submitted.

Medical Billing and Insurance

Who likes dealing with insurance companies? Nobody! Leave that to us. VIVO Surrogacy ensures medical insurance coverage is properly applied and, should issues arise, we work with the insurance company so that claims are re-processed promptly and accurately.

24/7 Care and Support

It seems like issues never come up during normal business hours. And that is why VIVO Surrogacy offers round-the-clock access to your dedicated Case Manager. Your Case Manager works directly with all involved parties and professionals so that intended parents and surrogates receive timely and knowledgeable responses at any time of day (including holidays!).

Coordinated Care

Your Case Manager stays in regular contact with everybody involved in the care and treatment of your surrogate. This ensures that everybody is seamlessly working together and nothing falls through the cracks.

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