Surrogate Compensation

Surrogacy is rewarding, both personally and financially. And while total compensation depends on a variety of factors, VIVO Surrogacy is proud to offer some of the most generous compensation packages available.

Surrogate compensation varies depending on the state you live in and whether you are a first-time or an experienced surrogate. Base pay for first-time surrogates ranges from $44,000 – $55,000!

The outline below presents a range of surrogacy payment options, and can help you determine what you could earn as a surrogate in our program. It is important to keep in mind that you will only receive full compensation if you do become pregnant and successfully deliver a baby for the intended parents you are helping.

Pre - Pregnancy Benefits
Pregnancy Benefits
Post - Delivery Payments (if applicable)
Additional Compensation

Monthly Miscellaneous Allowance

Begins upon finalization of Surrogacy Agreement and continues until one month post delivery


Medication Start

Once protocol/medications are started to prepare for embryo transfer


Embryo Transfer

Compensation for each embryo transfer attempt (Mock Cycle – $400)


Hotel and Travel Expenses for Bedrest post Embryo Transfer

Approximate costs may vary


Monthly Support Group Attendance

Compensation for each support group session attended – either on-site or electronically by video conference (Maximum 1 session per month)


Independent legal counsel provided for you

No cost

(If applicable) Once matched, all travel arrangements to IVF clinic made and expenses covered for you

No cost

*Compensation amounts are subject to change

These payments are added to your base fee after you are pregnant

Pregnancy Compensation - First Time Surrogate

Amount varies by location.  Disbursed in 8 monthly installments.

$44,000 - $55,000 *Varies

Pregnancy Compensation - Experienced Surrogate

Per surrogate pregnancy


Maternity Clothes

Singleton pregnancy/Multiples pregnancy


Monthly Miscellaneous Allowance

(continued from Pre-Pregnancy Benefits)


Psychological Support During Pregnancy

Monthly support group attendance either on-site or via video conferencing (continued from Pre-Pregnancy Benefits)



If placed on physician ordered bed rest, surrogates are reimbursed for activities they are unable to perform such as work (lost wages), housekeeping (housekeeping allowance) and childcare (childcare expenses). Terms Apply


Surrogate Life Insurance or Life Insurance Alternative policy

No cost

C-Section Compensation (If applicable)


Case Manager Weekly Support

No cost

Medical and Financial Billing Assistance

No cost

*Compensation amounts are subject to change

Pumping Breast Milk


Health Insurance Bonus

Applicable for surrogates with surrogacy insurance. Must pre-qualify prior to cycle start. Bonus paid 30-90 days post delivery.


*Compensation amounts are subject to change

Multiples - Twins


Mock Transfer

A mock transfer is a “trial” embryo transfer and is performed by the IVF physician. The purpose is to determine the best route and ideal location to place an embryo in the uterus.


Additional Procedures

If additional procedures are necessary, surrogates will receive additional compensation for each procedure.*

$500 - $5,000

*Compensation amounts are subject to change

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